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Your body integrates all your life experiences, beliefs and emotions to make you who you are today.

With the deepest respect, we use the BodyTalk protocol to listen deeply to your body's wisdom as it gently reveals the pathway to the healthiest, most balanced version of you.


Welcome to Coastside BodyTalk, where we acknowledge, reconnect and empower your body's awareness and natural healing capacities. 


You are a Natural Healer


You are always healing. You continuously create billions of new cells to replace old or damaged cells.  Your brain is constantly scanning the body's systems, making adjustments to keep you in the healthiest balance possible.  Healing information flows along an intricate web of internal communication lines throughout your body.  When stress weakens or breaks points along this internal communication web, the body operates less efficiently, resulting in imbalance, discomfort and disease.


BodyTalk works to locate, repair and strengthen the body's communication lines so your system can naturally achieve more efficiency, ease and well-being. 


For detailed information on BodyTalk, click here.


MaryAnn Gutoff, Certified BodyTalk practitioner


Member of International BodyTalk Association and 
Northern California BodyTalk Association


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